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Saturday, 12 June 2004
EU e-Content project CONNIE aims at delivering pan-European access to building regulations and standards through a network of information services dealing with content coming from 7 European countries. The CONNIE approach is original in several ways: it facilitates the use, the feedback and the exchange of building regulations; it is a network of decentralized portals with flexible conceptual architecture; it provides new B2B and B2C internet business models. The approach adopted to develop the CONNIE systems is based on the “CONNIE commons”
With the adoption of CEN standards as national standards, designers need to re-evaluate their knowledge and re-educate. The regulation framework is changing fast to reflect the new CEN standards and this is a challenge to most countries, especially the new member states.

CONNIE will develop and demonstrate commercially viable cross-border services to bring the targeted information and news to the construction professionals using the best available, ICT technologies. The service will provide cross-border content by re-indexing regulations text, reorganising, cross referencing, provide explanations and examples. Ontologies will be used to point users to the right place in the regulations across the different countries. Tools will be developed for news capture, personalization and localization to provide concise, targeted, relevant knowledge used by construction professionals.

The construction industry sector represents some 11% of GDP and employs 11 million EU citizens (97% of the 2 million organisations have less then 20 employees). The constructional professionals involved in design and construction would be the target users of the services, with the information provided by the service representing value-added information, contextualisation and relevant news.

The approach adopted to develop the CONNIE systems is based on the “CONNIE commons” (common data models, common APIs, common syntax) and IPR issues. Functionally, the services provided by the CONNIE system are divided into: core services, common added-value services, informative services, and descriptive services. First two support latter two that are regulation specific and provide improved regulation information retrieval and usage.
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